Why should I use a potency-enhancing product?

The clear mission (goal) of occasional potency-enhancing products is to solve periodic erection problems.
With the use of potency-enhancing preparations, an erection of adequate hardness can be easily achieved, 
which is the sexual function
it also lasts during the period of cohabitation. These products are positive
for maintaining the quality and timing of sex
contribute in a way
the article continues below the products with important information)
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About 10 years ago, erectile problems were almost only a problem for the over 50 age group. For today even the age group of 30 struggles with inadequate erection. The root of the problem is mainly the effect of stress every day, which affects the quality of the erection --> as a result of which this problem can easily become permanent.

The occasionally used potency enhancers increase the blood supply to the penis, speed up the flow of blood, thereby promoting an erection of adequate hardness, and with their use, the time of "readiness for sex" becomes predictable.As their name indicates, these preparations (potency-enhancing capsules / tablets / creams / sprays / jelly / tea) it is not necessary to use it daily. It should only be used 30 minutes to 2 hours (depending on the product) before sexual intercourse they exert their positive effect in response to stimuli to achieve a sufficiently hard erection.

In our PotenciaMarket online store, you can find potency-enhancing preparations using only natural materials were made, so they do not contain any chemical substances or prescription substances!

The potency-enhancing products distributed in our online store are made from 100% reliable and natural plants, which also have an OÉGYI number.

When do you need the potency-enhancing products we sell?
- if your sexual desire decreases due to your stressful lifestyle
- if you are not satisfied with the hardness of your penis during sexual intercourse
- if you sometimes say "Thursday" before the act
- if you want to increase the number of times you spend together

It is important to know that by using potency-enhancing products, the blood supply (blood volume) of the penis increases, the blood supply accelerates which brings extra oxygen to your genitals, making it even harder. Another positive effect of a harder erection is that the penis appears thicker and longer. However, it must not be forgotten that for all of this to occur, the appropriate sexual stimuli are absolutely necessary! The effect of the preparations is still felt a day or two after application (however, in a weaker form).

IMPORTANT instructions for use for taking occasional potency-enhancing preparations:
1/ do not eat anything for 2 hours after the last meal (fluids are fine, preferably NO alcohol)
2/ if the 2 hours have passed, take the potency booster
3/ after taking the potency enhancer, wait at least 1 more hour and then start having sex
(this is when the product will be maximally effective)

The guide was created based on the experiences and stories of hundreds of our customers!
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Thanks to the potency-enhancing preparations sold in our online store, you will be confident again in bed to the satisfaction of both of you!


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