There is lubrication, no dryness!

Do you want a real wild, slippery togetherness? The lubricators are just waiting for you.You say "I have sensitive skin!" ---> I say: "from harmful substances, dyes and allergies our products are free of harmful ingredients!"...

It's a misconception that lubricants can only be used for anal frolics. About 3 out of 10 women suffer from due to vaginal dryness. Typically, women with an inadequate amount of vaginal discharge age over 50, however, more and more women encounter this problem in the younger age group too. Don't let this ruin your sex life, because nowadays you already use lubricants this problem can be easily remedied.

"When should I use a lubricant?" - you ask. Well, as a general rule, I would mention 3 occasions.
1/ if your intimate area does not start producing vaginal discharge even under the influence of a suitable sexual stimulus,or its quantity is not enough.
2/ if sex toys are used - although they are the materials of adult toys currently on the market they meet the requirements of the modern age (silicone, rubber, gel, etc.), but the wetness is not adequate and the lack of smoothness it provides can cause damage to the skin's surface. It's not just uncomfortable but can also cause a painful sensation.
3/ during anal sex - in this case I would say its use is MANDATORY. The anus does not produce any discharge during intercourse, and it does not expand like the vagina. The hasty, "lubricant" unauthorized penetration may cause serious injury.

"Which lubricant should I choose?" - you ask. We distinguish between 3 types of lubricants.
1/ Water-based
2/ Silicone-based
3/ Mixed base

Check which type of lubricant you need HERE! "How to choose a lubricant" is accurate gives a description and answers to which product is the most suitable for you.

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