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Sexual vitality and performance are a primary factor for all men. The amount of sperm and the firing distance can cause alarm if it is not considered sufficient. And one of these anxiety can develop, the treatment of which is difficult...

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Sexual vitality and performance are a primary factor for all men. The amount of sperm and the firing distance can cause alarm if it is not considered sufficient. And one of these anxiety may develop, the treatment of which is difficult and leaves a deep mark on your life, as they may think that his performance in bed is poor.

Let's take a closer look at things!

What is sperm or ejaculate?
The mixture of the secretions of the gonads is called sperm cells. About 5% of the total amount is only the sperm itself,95% is nutrition for the sperm, which protects the cells on the way to the egg. According to evidence, during ejaculation, 3-5 ml of ejaculate leaves the body on average, however, if the 1.5 ml exceeds is already considered normal.

Although the amount of sperm is negligible from the point of view of fertilization, the larger amount more likely to achieve conception. Its quantity is mostly only interesting from a psychological point of view for a man. Unfortunately, the soul-killing scenes of porn movies have a negative effect on us.

What can we do to make our body produce more sperm?
A/ Developing a suitable diet
- don't eat excessively processed foods
- prepare energetic snacks rich in nutrients and trace elements for yourself at home
- give up coffee and alcohol
- do not smoke
- eat lots of fruits and vegetables

And then perhaps one of the easiest and fastest solutions! Choose a sperm-enhancing product from our store!

B/ Intake of required amount of liquid
Our body needs an adequate amount of fluid not only to increase the amount of semen.The lack of liquid leads to dehydration, which is the source of many problems, e.g. pain, dizziness, weakness.You can easily check your hydration: the lighter the color of your urine, the better your fluid level.
Remember: about half of the human body is water: in practice, this means that for a weight of 80 kg, about 40-48 kg the water!

C/ Exercise with suitable exercises
Choose the form of training that suits you best and keep your body in check. Remember the saying, "My body the temple of my soul!"

D/ Proper training of the lower back
One of the best-known forms of this is Kegel exercises, which can be used by both men and women his daily training.

E/ Optimal sleep time
Every body needs a different amount of restful sleep. If you are tired, sleepy, stressed, etc your body reduces sperm production, your desire for sex decreases sharply! Do you need this?Isn't it! Relax and avoid tension! The performance of a rested body will increase!

F/ Weather and body temperature
If the weather is extreme (very hot or very cold), we become more tired and weaker. This is true a also on our genitals, so avoid wearing underwear that fits too close to the body. In such cases, it is more appropriate to be relaxed wearing boxer briefs. Also avoid bathing in too hot water!

G/ What we cannot control
There are two important things that affect the amount of sperm, but unfortunately we can't do anything about it: and this is the passing of our years and the genetics we were born with. Both are largely influenced by the size and volume of the glands responsible for production. Reaching the 3rd X means the peak of production, which a gradual decline follows. When we reach our 50th year, production drops to a minimum. But it's not lost yet everything: our sperm-enhancing products can help you overcome this.

H/ Temperance
If you give your body adequate time for regeneration - it's roughly 1-3 days of two pranks between - it offers adequate and sufficient space for your newly produced cells.

I/ Regulation of ejaculation
Excite your naughty bar until near the peak, but before you shoot, stop !! Let it settle for a few minutes then you can start again. Stimulation indicates the need for semen, which is why the productive one revs up.

By following the points above, your ejaculate production will increase. If you want a faster and simpler solution choose from our products! Our products are made only from natural ingredients,so they are safe to use!Yummy Cum and More Sperm are our best-selling products in this category.

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